Behind the Scenes

The process of turning rough lumber into a beautiful cutting board or bowl features a number of steps that basically involve cutting, gluing and cutting again. Woods are selected to create a pattern that will eventually combine to show the final design, often visualized on the computer first. The initial pieces of lumber are cut to size and glued together then flattened, and in the case of the chaotic boards, cut and glued several more times.

The picture above shows the final step as the glued panel is cut into strips and each strip is flipped on its edge to expose the end-grain. These final strips are then glued together, sanded flat and an oil/beeswax finish applied.

Bowls are made with a similar process of cutting individual segments of wood shaped like wedges with specific angles based on the number of segments and shape of the final bowl. The segments are glued together to form the rough shape of the bowl and then turned on the lathe to expose the final shape.